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Bouncy Toddi likens herself to a zesty pick-me- up for your marketing. Always itching to chat, she bubbles effusively whenever the conversation turns to her big passion: unravelling the magic (and mystery) of social media.

She first discovered her knack for nurturing online customer relationships whilst working in the events and tourism industry, and soon found that helping businesses make the most of social media came naturally to her.

Fuelled by her insight into what makes people tick, and her enthusiasm for a good old-  fashioned chinwag, Toddi is the embodiment of what true social networking is all about.

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Who Hot Toddi helps...

If you’re passionate about what you do and want to connect with people who feel the same way, then Toddi’s the person to speak to. Health, beauty, engineering – whatever your sector, she’ll help you create an online image that reflects what you truly stand for.

Toddi’s as much in her element with newcomers to social networking as she is with companies who simply need a strategic nudge. It doesn’t matter whether you know your ‘tweets’ from your ‘likes’, she’ll hand-hold you through the ups and downs of managing your online presence and have you running things independently in no time.

How can Hot Toddi help your business...

Not sure how to recruit your online advocates? You needn’t worry: Toddi helps you build your community and (best of all) unearth a goldmine of potential news and content in your business that you never even knew existed.

Whatever your ambitions, Toddi integrates social media and meaningful online conversation so tightly into your fruitful marketing campaigns that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

It’s not just Toddi, there is Deborah too!

Caroline Todd (aka Toddi)

Owner of Hot Toddi is Toddi, who has taken the locals by storm. When she is not networking face to face she is engaging with her online community. Toddi has ‘done her time’ so to speak in the big smoke of London and survived which is no mean feat for a country girl! Since returning to her roots she has worked with many industries in tourism, agriculture, retail, food and still is counting! If you want someone who is as passion and driven about your business as you meet Toddi.

Toddi thrives on supporting businesses with their online presence. Her most enjoyable days are spent educating people in the wonders of social media. With over 5 years online marketing experience, this topic still excites Toddi. Deborah also has a key part in Hot Toddi, as a brainstorming partner, usually over a latte and cake!

When she is not working, Toddi enjoys visiting Agricultural Shows, running with her dog, baking anything from Mary Berry and relaxing with a Yorkshire Gin.

Deborah Goodall

Deborah is an associate of Hot Toddi and also acts as a brainstorming partner, usually over a latte and cake!

Deborah is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has over 20 years experience in marketing. Deborah founded Aer8 Marketing after leaving her role as Head of Marketing for the Yorkshire Agricultural Society (The Great Yorkshire Show).

She has worked in a variety of industries – horticulture, mail order, food, automotive, the list goes on, but always in marketing – from setting up departments through to taking on challenging roles in established businesses.

When she is not working hard on your strategy, Deborah enjoys immersing herself in the countryside either on her mountain bike, in her trail shoes or when walking her dog.

Deborah is located in North Yorkshire and services clients across the country from her rural base.


Thank you for being willing to share a minuscule amount of your vast social media knowledge with us luddites. Your passion and enthusiasm is amazing. I’m just sorry I couldn’t stick around and support you, and bring the event to a close at the end yesterday.

I gave you a vast topic to give an overview of, and a short period of time to do it in, which was a big ask. What came over loud and clear to me is that you know your stuff, and are very approachable, and so genuinely helpful. All the effort you have already gone to in following up, is more than any other speakers bother to do, so well done.

Liz Barker

Local Enterprise Partnership

Hot Toddi to the rescue! I thought I knew what to do with facebook, but Hot Toddi showed me functions that I never knew existed. I also got some great tips on how to reach my target audience. I am now a daily tweeter too! We have had some great feedback from our customers, and have made sales that have been directly attributed to our social media outreach. Toddi gave clear advice in simple memorable steps. It was a friendly, relaxed consultation with someone who clearly has a passion for her work.

Thank you! #hottoddi for the win! 🙂

Claire Fairweather

Manager, Oxfam - Thirsk

Toddi is one of those rare finds in business, she liked our product that much she wanted to work with us. She watched us grow and kept in touch which gave me an insight into just how proactive she can be, and when she first approached us to work with Masons Yorkshire Gin I knew she would be an asset and didn’t hesitate to engage her talents.

Karl Mason

Owner, Mason's Yorkshire Gin

Our business has grown strongly in the last year. This is due to a focused marketing plan, which heavily features social media. Toddi has led the way in developing interesting social interaction and shown great creativity and knowledge in this field.

Sales have increased by 16%. Toddi has acted on ideas and directions from our company and also helped us improve our marketing skills. Categorically, it has been a very successful and productive partnership.

Liz Pocklington

Durham and Darlington Riverford

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